Monitor Visitor Feedback Trends to Improve Your Website

Posted in Blog on November 10, 2016

Customer Leaving Feedback

Your website is a tool for your visitors to complete an action. No matter the type of website, your visitors have a need and your website serves as a tool to meet that need. To make your website the best tool for your business you need to eliminate issues and serve the best¬†experience possible. In […]

Personal Growth and Success Through the Aggregate

Posted in Blog on June 13, 2016

Find the Aggregate

Simply put, your life is the sum of your experiences. It takes trying, failing and observing others to find success at anything. The human mind is incredible at taking any problem and finding a solution. As we take in more experiences, we start to notice trends in the world - trends in the reactions to […]


Posted in Blog on June 1, 2016

There is an About page for this website that features basic information on me and what this website is all about. In this introductory post I wanted to expand on what I cover on the about page and set the stage for the direction of this project. History I have been working in the internet […]

Foundation 6 WordPress Theme - wpFoundation6

Posted in Wordpress on March 15, 2016

wpFoundation6 Wordpress Foundation Theme

wpFoundation6 is a starter Wordpress theme + Foundation 6 implementation that is optimized for site speed. Build your site on a solid foundation!


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